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Time Capsule 2019

Preserving Present for the Future

The entire fraternity of NWS, Ghaziabad gathered together on 13th August, 2019 for the ‘Time Capsule Burial Ceremony’ in the School Premises. The Ceremony took place in the presence of Mr. Arunabh Singh, Director NWS and Ms. Susan Holmes, Head Teacher NWS.

When the School would unearth the articles after 14 years, it will get a hands-on look at what life was like on the campus and in the community in the year 2019. After 14 years, it will be worth the effort to pull up the NWS Time Capsule-2019, which was buried in the corridor of NWS front building.

Time Capsules are a fantastic method of preserving a moment in time to be remembered and celebrated at some point in the future. The two significant events associated with Time Capsule are the celebration of putting the articles into the capsule and the celebration when the articles are unearthed from the capsule. Both events provide opportunities to gather together, to reflect, to hope and to enjoy the present.

Items were collected from staff, students and other school members of the community. The 2019 - Time Capsule includes newspapers, books, photographs, letters, photo albums, scholastic and co-scholastic badges, message notes, Start-up Superstars products, student portfolios, school almanac, NWS staff list, NWS council list, uniforms and messages to the future by the students.

Mr. Arunabh Singh said that “14 years hence, students would continue to follow a value-oriented approach to life in which they would have an insight and a deeper understanding of how life was in the previous years and how it has changed in their present years. Students would be enthralled to connect their present with the past while unboxing the items.”

Head Teacher NWS, Susan Holmes added that “In 2033 when this time capsule is opened, it will give us a direct connection to NWS’s past – the 2019 – 2020 academic year.

Staff, students and members of today’s school community will be able to speak directly to the community in 2033 and I believe give them some fascinating glimpses of our holistic learning in 2019.

We are indeed capturing the moment of today to wow the hearts of our colleagues and students 14 years hence.”

Hoping for prosperous years ahead, the box that was buried on 13th August, 2019 would be unearthed after 14 years.

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