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Nehru World School Ghaziabad invites applications from well-qualified, passionate and inspirational people, who will ensure high-quality learning experiences for our children. We work together as a team and keep developing our skills continuously through our professional development programmes.


Incase our teacher profile and our Continuing Professional Development and Learning programme excites you, please click on apply now to fill the recruitment application or write to us at

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Current Vacancies:

Well Qualified and Trained Teachers

NWS ensures that the teachers are well-qualified and experienced facilitators, passionate and inspirational, who will ensure high quality learning experiences for our students.

We take pride in being a team of committed educators who:

  • are skilled, adaptable, resilient and enthusiastic.

  • understand the differences in the developmental stages of each student.

  • demonstrate and model appropriate behaviour.

  • are passionate about their profession and cater to each student's needs.

  • create their learning plans and develop their resources when the students are not in School.

  • benefit from our extensive programme of professional development and learning, adopt and practise continuing self-improvement.

Continuing Professional Development and Learning

All teachers go through a rigorous teacher training programme, related to international best practice and teaching methodologies. All aspects of continuing professional development, aimed at improving the standards and quality of teaching for learning and raising attainment,  take place throughout the year based on teachers’ identified training needs. These opportunities include:

  • taking part in training workshops.

  • opportunities for peer evaluation, joint planning and team teaching.

  • attending courses or conferences, virtually or in person

  • being involved in local and national networks aimed at enhancing practice.

  • reviewing one’s classroom practice individually and with a mentor, receiving feedback and coaching.


NWS has recently gained accreditation to deliver the Cambridge Professional Development Certificate in Teaching and Learning. This course, which takes over 4 months, includes professional training, guided and collaborative learning and private study.

Student Life: Activities
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