Grade 11 Scholarships 2021-22

The following Monthly Composite Fee Scholarships will be available to students enrolling for grade XI for the session 2021-22.​

All students securing an admission on scholarships receive a further 50% Scholarship on Admission fee (Rs 25000)

On the basis of NWS Scholarship Test Results:

On the basis of Competitive Examinations cleared:

The Scholarship Test will last for 2hours and have the following components:

Common for all: A test for Abstract Reasoning, Numeric Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. (60 minutes)

For different subject streams:

PCM Students: Maths and Science Test (60 minutes)

PCB Students: Science and English Test (60 minutes)

Commerce Students: English, Maths and Economics Test (60 minutes)

Humanities with Maths: SST and Maths Test (60 minutes)

Humanities without Mathematics: SST and English Test (60 minutes)