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Nehru World School invites students to become change makers and the voice of the country through the 3rd edition of ‘I Can’. Together, we inspire our students to demonstrate their creative potential in pursuit of a more sustainable world.

Nehru World School is a firm believer that today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow and that their ideas can make a difference to the nation. Through ‘I Can’, we urge students to lead to make a difference. We therefore encourage students to:

  • be problem solvers.

  • put their ideas into action.

  • be aware and sensitive to the needs of their neighbourhood, the city or town they live in, their country, and the world.




Tell us ONE THING that you can do towards making your city/country/world inclusive/safe/resilient/sustainable in a 1-minute video. Include the United Nations’ SDG Goal(s). Be creative in expressing your thoughts on how you can contribute to initiating change around you.

A step-by-step process to participate, make a difference and win exciting prizes:

Step 1: Make a 1-minute video. Start your sentence with “I can make a change…..”.

Step 2: Tag and upload on Social Media.

Step 3: Nominate a friend to participate.

Step 4: Share the link of your post in the entry form


Students from grades 4 to 12 are welcome to participate. 

Category A- grades 4 to 7 or aged between 10-12 years as on 31st Oct 2023.

Category B- grades 8 to 12 or aged between 13-17 years as on 31st Oct 2023.

For Indian participants, grade level applies. For those from other countries, age will be the criteria.

There is NO FEE required to participate in this event.

The number of entries is not limited, multiple submissions from students and schools are acceptable.

Students themselves can fill out their forms online.

For multiple concepts/ideas, make multiple videos and submit them separately.

Share the video on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

Use these hashtags: #iCan #NWS #NehruWorldSchool.

Tag the following pages/profiles with your entry:

Facebook: @NWSGhaziabad

Instagram, Twitter: @nwsgzb

Keep your posts/accounts privacy as ‘public’. (Locked profiles’ posts cannot be seen even in public posts)

In case you don’t have a social media account, a family member’s social media account can be used. 

Nominate a friend to participate by tagging him/her in your social media entry post(s).

The last date for submission of entries is Tuesday, 31st October 2023.

Keep social media posts live for at least until 31st December 2023 on account of the evaluation process.


The most interesting entries which meet the evaluation criteria will win exciting prizes, comprising tablets, kindles, smart speakers, headphones, and backpacks.

All participants will receive e-certificates.

Criteria for evaluation


For any other queries and information, contact:

Mr Sudhir Rana

Creative Head, Nehru World School, Ghaziabad

Contact: 7840876111,

©2022 by Nehru World School. 

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