Admissions & Enrollment

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Enrollment Process

Step 1: Get a NWS prospectus and application package either from the School or apply online. 

Step 2: Schedule a test and personal interview with the Admissions Board. 

Step 3: If admission is granted, submit fees and required documents at the specified date.

School Fees 2021-22 (In Rs)


  • *Tempo travellers pickup and drop students from their homes wherever possible. 

  • Bus fee is charged for 11 months of the year.

  • All buses used by the School are owned and operated by Healthy Planet and all drivers and conductors are employed directly by the school after careful vetting of their credentials and references.

  • In addition to the bus driver, a lady attendant is present on all the buses at all times.

  • All buses are fitted with CCTV cameras, GPS and all safety parameters required specifically for school buses.

  • We do not charge any annual charges.

  • School fees will be increased by about 8-10% every year.


NWS, Ghaziabad acknowledges the efforts put in by students, their families and teachers in securing outstanding results in the Board examinations of grade X, thus the following scholarships will be available to students enrolling for grade XI for the session 2020-21.​

For scholarship eligibility, the student percentage will be calculated from the marks of any two languages + Mathematics + Science + Social Studies.


Students eligible for Composite School Fee (Monthly Fee) Scholarships based on Board Exam results will need to maintain over 80% marks in Class 11 to be eligible for the scholarship in Class 12.


In case a student is eligible for more than one scholarship, the higher of the two scholarships will be applicable.


Students are required to furnish their application along with attested proof to the school. A photocopy of the following documents is required at the time of submission of the registration form:

  • Date of Birth certificate from Municipal Authority.

  • Proof of Address.

  • Parents’ educational qualification (highest).

  • Progress Report for the previous three years (wherever applicable).

  • Certificates received in co-curricular activities.


School Visit

All families considering admission to NWS are strongly encouraged to visit the School. These can be booked online or through the Front Desk.

A typical visit consists of a talk with a member of the admission staff, a tour of the campus with a teacher or wing head, and a family conference at which the staff member answers questions about the School, to convey a sense of how NWS will fit into their school search.