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Math Around Me: Bringing Mathematics to Life - 4th Edition
Nehru World School proudly presents the 4th edition of our much-anticipated event, Math Around Me. This unique competition is a celebration of mathematics in our everyday lives, and we invite students to explore the beauty and applicability of math in the world around them.

A step-by-step process to participate:

  • Step 1: Create a 1-minute video exploring math in real life. Start your sentence with “I see Math Around Me in………”.

  • Step 2: Tag and upload on social media.

  • Step 3: Nominate a friend to participate.

  • Step 4: Share the link of your post in our entry form (Click below for the entry form)


Participation Guidelines:

  • Students from grades 4 to 12 can participate. 
    Category A- grades 4 to 7
    Category B- grades 8 to 12

  • There is NO FEE required to participate in this event.

  • The number of entries is not limited, multiple submissions from students and school are acceptable.

  • Students themselves can fill out their forms online.

  • For multiple concepts/ ideas, make multiple videos.

  • Share the video on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

  • Use these hashtags: #MathAroundMe #NWS #NehruWorldSchool

  • Tag the following pages/profiles with your entry:

Facebook: @NWSGhaziabad

Instagram, Twitter: @nwsgzb

  • Keep your posts/accounts privacy as ‘public’. (Locked profiles’ posts cannot be seen even in public posts)

  • In case you don’t have a social media account, a family member’s social media account can be used.



  • Last date of entry submission | Wednesday, 10th July 2024

  • Announcement of the TOP 200 entries | Thursday, 18th July 2024

  • Announcement of the Final Winners (TOP 30 Entries) | Monday, 22nd July 2024

  • Emailing E-certificates (to the school’s email address) | Monday, 29th July 2024

  • Delivery of the Prizes (to winner’s home address)

    • Starting from: Thursday, 1st August 2024

    • Delivered by: Friday, 22nd August 2024

Enhance Your Entry – Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning:
Math in Action: Demonstrate math concepts through real-world actions, like baking, sports, or even the shadows cast during different times of the day.
Creative Storytelling: Weave mathematical concepts into captivating stories or scenarios, using metaphors, analogies, or personal experiences.
Incorporate Music and Rhythm: Utilise music or rhythm to explain mathematical patterns, sequences, and principles in a fun and engaging way.
Interactive Demonstrations: Create visual demonstrations that highlight mathematical principles, such as the beauty of the Fibonacci sequence or the engineering behind structures.
Role Play: Bring mathematical concepts to life through dramatisation. Personify problems or principles and create narratives around them.
Use of Everyday Objects: Utilise objects from daily life to explain and demonstrate mathematical concepts, like using containers to talk about volume or arranging items to show patterns.


  • The most interesting entries which demonstrate the use of Math and meet the evaluation criteria will win exciting prizes, comprising tablets, kindles, smart speakers, headphones and backpacks.

  • All participants will receive e-certificates.

Criteria for evaluation

For any other queries and information, contact:

Mr Sudhir Rana

Creative Head, Nehru World School, Ghaziabad


©2024 by Nehru World School. 

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