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‘Even old books can teach us new lessons. Donate, don’t discard.’
Having run #iPledge, our book donation campaign, successfully for the last two years from the School, we are delighted to provide a platform for our students to become leaders of this initiative within their communities.  
We encourage every student to reach out to others in their communities to generate awareness of how small changes by each one of us can make a difference in the world around us. Developing leadership, building communities and encouraging empathy to protect the environment and support our planet is our ambition. 
iPledge to ‘share and care’ for the environment and the community, is a sentiment that unites all students, parents, and teachers of NWS and their common goal of working towards a sustainable future.

Your book is more useful than you think. Show your friends and community that you share and care! Donate you book to someone who needs it.

#iPledge to Share & Care #iPledge campaign - The Joy of Giving (4).png
You can download the posters below to use.
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