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Google for education session at NWS

NWS, Ghaziabad believes that when technology is used effectively then it can act as a catalyst for learning. A step towards this, NWS - Ghaziabad hosted a session on “Impact learning through Edtech using Google”.

Various schools participated in this event to understand the Use of Google for Education for teaching and learning at schools. Ms. Sangeeta Gulati, GEG leader and Educator talked on Blended learning as to how a Google classroom is a brilliant way to assign projects, files, videos and for an online check. The Google team talked on using edtech across subjects, based curriculum needs and developing a blended pedagogical approach.

Arunabh Singh, Director-NWS shared the experiences of using Google docs and sheets as a tool for teaching and learning at NWS. This tool is being effectively used to prepare Lesson Plans, Monthly Planners and Annual Reports.

Susan Holmes, Head teacher- NWS discussed that how technology can be put to use for the management of the School and planning of learning. She also stated that the school’s vision is to embed technology further to deepen the learning experiences of our students.

The session was quite informative as the discussion was based on how Google helps in collaborative learning. It helps students to create and collaborate, getting students to peer edit. It also decreases the use of paper in the classroom. The tool allows teachers to see a writing project in progress so that they can recognise where students may need support and get feedback. The students can complete reading and add their observations and comments which indeed can enhance the learning.

The session ended on a positive note that Google will help to upgrade the teaching learning process not only in schools but will also benefit the parents in tracking the students’ progress.

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