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Ma Pa Come Soon, Annual Production, Grade 4 and 6

The Annual Production of NWS, Ghaziabad, Primary Wing Grade IV and VI showcased the play ‘Ma, Pa, Come Soon…’ with great vigour on Saturday, August 31st, 2019. The programme commenced with the encouraging words of Ms. Susan Holmes, the Head Teacher who also honoured the well acclaimed chief guests Ms. Simi Srivastava and Ms. Jaya Nagar.

Ms. Simi Srivastava, the founder of ‘Kathashala’, a story telling institute for adults is a passionate storyteller. The unique curriculum of the institute is based on performing arts including the folk and traditional forms of storytelling.

Ms. Jaya Nagar, a well-known Heritage Activist works with various schools.

The highlights of the event had been the welcome song followed by the annual report read by the students’ and the marvellous theatre performance.

‘Ma, Pa, Come Soon…depicted a story about a little girl called ‘Bobby’ who had been raised by her parents like a boy. Her father wanted a son and mother wanted a daughter. Interestingly, the name Bobby had been derived from the names Baba and Baby. The story of the play revolves around how today’s children are over-loaded with work that they are missing out on finer things in life like sharing their feelings with their parents. The story also explains how parents are busy and are not able to spend quality time with their children. This play also showcased her quest to receive her parents’ love and attention. The play ended on a positive note with Bobby finding the love and attention she craved for from her parents. It has a message for both parents and children. The vibrancy with which the story was conceptualised through humour, energetic dance performances and props captivated the spectators.

Mr. Arunabh Singh – Director NWS motivated and appreciated the participants’ confidence and tremendous efforts. He stated that such unique performances make us introspect and analyse in depth about the current scenario. This act was an eye opener for the students, parents and the teachers, thus enhancing the entire teaching learning process.

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