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Annual Production Grades 1,2 (CBSE) Feb, 2020

The 41st Annual Production of NWS, Ghaziabad, Primary Wing, Grades 1 and 2 showcased the play ‘Bizzy Mizz Lizzy’ with great zeal, fun and frolic, on Saturday, February 08,2020. The programme commenced with the encouraging words of Ms. Susan Holmes, Head Teacher, NWS. She spoke about ‘Lizzy’, the main character of the play and thanked the parents for their continuous support in the journey of their children’s development. Ms. Poonam Gairola, Head Primary encouraged and appreciated the efforts of the students with her stimulating words. The highlights of the event were the welcome song followed by the annual report presentation by the students and the marvellous theatre performance. ‘Bizzy Mizz Lizzy’ depicted the story of the busiest little bee in the hivetown. She longs to impress ‘The Queen’ by winning a spelling contest, but she reaches to the point of exhaustion, while trying to juggle with all other activities. Finally the play teaches Lizzy a lesson to stop and smell the flowers, which is exactly what bees are supposed to do. The vibrancy with which the story was conceptualised through humour, energetic dance performances and props captivated the spectators. The parents were thrilled to see the blossoming talents of their children on the stage. Mr. K P Singh, Director, Administration, NWS motivated and cherished the participants’ confidence and tremendous efforts. He praised the teachers and supporting staff for their assistance in displaying the best talent of the children. He thanked the parents for trusting in NWS and promised that it will continue its journey to bring the best out of their children.

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