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'Aladdin' - German Annual Production 2019 by Grade 8

NWS, Ghaziabad organised its 41st Annual Production on 14th December 2019 for class VIII to commemorate and rejoice the learning of the students. Dr. Ulrike Weingart who is the Country Head of ZfA India (Central Agency for German Schools Abroad) was invited as the chief guest. Dr. Weingart has been a part of the teaching faculty at University of Birmingham and at the Assumption University in Thailand. Since 2014, she has been the ZFA’s Country Head in New Delhi. She is passionate about making German language popular globally amongst young people, which she feels will help today’s youth globally, better understand modern day Germany.

The event was also graced by the benign presence of Mr. Arunabh Singh, Director NWS, Ms. Susan Holmes, Head Teacher NWS, Mr. K. P. Singh, Director Administration and Finance. The show also witnessed the presence of the grandparents and parents who have always been a great support in making an event successful.

The show commenced with a great fervor and zeal showcasing the flair of students in the skills of music, art, dance and theatre. The Annual Report was read by the students, highlighting the achievements of the School and its learners. The display of the oratory skills was followed by the play ‘Aladdin’, staged in German. In this story, Aladdin frees a genie from a lamp, which changes his life. Keeping his promise, Aladddin sets the genie free and marries princess Jasmine.

The wonderful diction, fluency, theatrical skills, confidence, coordination, dance moves and performance on the invigorating songs left the audience spell-bound. The event culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by NWS Director Mr. Arunabh Singh who acknowledged the efforts put in by the teachers and the students for such an enthralling show. He praised the high-spirited efforts and confidence of the students motivating them to be more responsible and foresighted members of the society as well as encouraging them to develop their language learning skills.

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