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CREÒ International Inter-school festival celebrates creativity, rewarding students' hard work and dedication. For our 2023 online events, each performance is assessed individually, recognised as "Outstanding Performance", "Excellent", "Merit", or "Noteworthy". This approach values each participant's unique efforts, making everyone a winner in their own right.

In contrast, for events at the NWS campus, the traditional competitive structure is maintained, with results announced for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. This blend of online and on-campus awarding reflects our commitment to both individuality and competitive excellence.

Achievement certificates are awarded based on performance, following the criteria for each event. We thank all participants for their time and effort, extending our congratulations to everyone involved. Join us as we continue to inspire creativity and celebrate every student's unique contribution!

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For further information or queries, please contact:

Mr Sudhir Rana (Creative Head)


See you in CREÒ 2024!

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