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New! A brand-new version of AutoCAD® software launches today: AutoCAD® 2023. This new release brings numerous enhancements and other new features to your AutoCAD experience, including:Snap-to Exact objects: You can now snap to an object with exact dimensions, so you no longer need to approximate the size of your object. You can also use the new Snap to Draft option to draw to a specific object from your AutoCAD screen. New!Open multilayer Windows: An important feature is easier access to the multilayer dialogs that allow you to adjust 3D view properties, such as back surface, faces, and height.New! Polygon clipping, polyline editing, and more: In addition to the Clip, Sélection, and Advanced Drawing tools, many other drawing tools have been enhanced, including creating text on curves, drawing ellipses, lines, and polygons, as well as editing polylines and polycurves. You can use the Erase tool to erase parts of a polyline, polycurve, or polygon.Improved tools to import your files from SketchUp®: Import tools have been updated to be more flexible and can import and export your drawings from and to SketchUp® files.Customized Drawing tools: The Drawing Manager tool now has a drop-down menu of default commands to quickly access the most commonly used commands. You can also customize your own commands from the Drawing Manager drop-down menu. For more information, see Customizing Your Drawing Tools.Easier access to Visual Styles: You can access Visual Styles from the contextual menu. There are more visual styles in the Shading Effects gallery.Accessorized lines: You can customize the appearance of lines with the new Line Styles, Path Styles, Dynamic Line Styles, and Dynamic Path Styles. Line, path, and stroke styles can also be selected in new ways, such as using Fill styles to select a solid color or using Defined strokes to select a color, pattern, or effect.Snap to Intersection and Curve Intersections: Improved control over snapping when creating 2D drawings that include curves or bezier curves. You can now snap to any curve intersection, control the exact behavior when snapping to intersections that are on the outside of a curve, and apply a different setting for both right and left sides of the curve.New! User Interface and Environment: You can use 2be273e24d

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