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Education World Awards India Rank 2

NWS prides itself on its recent recognition and ranking of 2 in India for 'Design Thinking Leaders' by Education World as a School 'demonstrating extraordinary capacity to break away from rote learning and adopt pedagogies which encourage the development of the students' creative thinking, collaborative and problem-solving skills', awarded in part for the Start Up Superstars (SSS) initiative. With active learning already firmly embedded in its approaches to teaching and learning, this initiative took inspiration from the Government project of 'Make in India' and 'The School Enterprise Challenge' India. Integrated across the curriculum, students from classes 1 to 9 and 11 gain hands-on experience of planning, launching and running real businesses, which are owned and operated by them. They are sustainable and may develop year-on-year. One Business per class is ultimately chosen, with each class member having a designated role in the Business Team structure.


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