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'Andher Nagri Chaupat Raja', Annual Production by Classes IX and X

NWS, Ghaziabad organised its 41st Annual Production on 27th April 2019 for classes IX and X. The event was graced by the benign presence of Mr. Arunabh Singh (Director, NWS) and Ms. Susan Holmes (Head Teacher, NWS). The event also witnessed the presence of the grandparents and parents who have always been a great support in making an event successful.

Ms. Susan Holmes in her opening note mentioned that initiatives like these make an individual cultivate critical thinking, good judgement, become happy and well-adjusted citizens. This would indeed help students in their life-long journey.

The event commenced with a great fervour and zeal showcasing the flair of students in their skill of music, art, photography, public speaking and theatre. The comical play named ‘Andher Nagari, Chaupat Raja’ is an old story by Bharatendu Harishchandra, representing the agonies of the people, country's poverty, dependency, inhuman exploitation, the unrest of the middle class and the urge for the progress of the country. It attempts to highlight the absurdity of socialism.

The theatrical presentation won the hearts of everyone and the audience kept applauding specifically at its famous dialogue of “taka ser bhaji taka ser khaja” which, translated, means a land that is in darkness (ruled by) a king who is a dolt — where vegetables cost a penny so does the cashew nuts. Everything costs the same.

The highlights of the event had been the annual report read by the students and live orchestra band of the students. Another acme of the event was that Mr. Arunabh Singh shared the success of Start-up Super Stars, a business initiative by NWS. He said that through SSS the students have become globally aware, socially responsible, young entrepreneurs. It gave us hands on experience of running a real business, generating real profits to support the education with a business which is sustainable and will grow and develop year after year. Following this was the vote of thanks where the confident enactment of the students was highly appreciated.

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