‘Essentials of Dialogue- Identity’- Videoconferencing

Nehru World School participated in a multipoint Video Conference on 28th Dec’17, exchanging their opinion on ‘Identity and Belonging’. 18 students from NWS participated in the Generation Global VC with the students from Yachad Modiin High School (Israel) ,Nehru World School (India) , Purkal Youth Development Society (India) and DAV Centenary Public School (India).

Students from each School shared their opinions about Identity from many perspectives. Students discussed how their identity is being affected by their self-esteem, culture and physical appearance. They also shared and explained the challenges such as being shy or nervous.

The questions were appropriately structured that led to a deeper dialogue, for example when a discussion topic was opened about belonging, some students answered that they belong to their family, here a discussion was opened ( why? what do you mean? ). Students exchanged their opinion from their own perspective from who agree to some who don't disagree plus they explained why? The questions had varied responses; hence many discussion points were opened to go deeper and deeper. Students exhibited good Listening skills which was evident as students asked about what they heard.

The VC opened avenues for the students of 4 Schools to connect globally.

Generation Global Programme is a Tony Blair Faith Foundation initiative which was launched in India in 2009 and has been growing ever since. Through this students get a great learning about the world around and it also provides a platform to change the stereotypes of other cultures, countries and religions.

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