The World’s a Stage

The World’s a Stage (International Dimension)


To learn about the different theatrical styles of India and rest of the world.

Nautanki: India

Aalaha India

Tamasha – India

Jaatra – India

Yakshaganna - India

Wayang - Indonesia

Forum Theatre – Brazil


Theatre club is one of the several performance and skill clubs run in the school. The students studied the folk art theatre forms prevalent in India like Nautanki (Up and Bihar), Aalaha (Bundelkhand), Tamasha (Maharashtra), Jaatra (West Bengal), Yakshaganna (Karnataka) and of the rest of the world like Zarzuela (Spain), Opera(Europe), Pantomime, Mime(Greece), Forum Theatre (Brazil) and Farce. (France). They studied about the Origin, Style, Performance, Costume and Actors who perform.

The students apprised of the various styles relating to theatre. They understood about the origin and different facets of each form of theatre under study. The students divided into groups and assigned a particular Indian and foreign form of theatre. They build their understanding and presented it in form of a Powerpoint presentation. A quiz was also conducted to check the understanding of the students.


  • The students learnt about the various folk styles of theatre both in India and Spain, Europe, Greece, Brazil and France.

  • They honed their theatrical skills, personal expression, Creativity, artistry, imagination, oral communication, public speaking and presenting and multicultural literacy.

They developed confidence, cooperation, curiosity and creativity.

Countries explored:

Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, United Kingdom, India

Time period of activity:

3 months

Number of students involved in this activity:

220 approx.

Age range of students involved:

11 - 13 years

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