Video Conferencing - Human Rights: Freedom of Belief

Nehru World School actively participated in a Multipoint Video Conference on 25th April 2017 on the topic ‘Human Rights’. 20 students from NWS participated in the Generation Global VC with the students from Al Azhar Senior Islamic High School (Indonesia) and Titiksha Public School (India)

Students from both the countries actively participated in the discussion and openly shared their opinions. The dialogue began with the explanation of ‘Freedom of Belief’ where students from all the three schools were quite eloquent on what they feel about it personally. The dialogue went deeper when the students expressed themselves conspicuously as to why it has been listed in the Declaration of Human Rights. The interaction went ahead with the discussion on the challenges to freedom of belief. Some shared their personal experiences while some presented their angst against the society. One of the participants stated that through this VC she was able to convey her views and opinions coherently, making her to think as an individual. This exchange of dialogue also made her tolerant towards other’s opinions.

We at NWS hope that many students are exposed to such opportunities, enabling them to become a better individual.

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