Video Conferencing -The Power of Narrative

Nehru world school participated in a video conference on 20th April'17 with Al-Hasaad Al-Tarbawi Secondary Girls' Section school, Jordan, expressing their opinions on ‘Power of Narratives’.

The VC began with some good outlines of stories and explanations of how stories had influenced the students which went deeper with some exemplary personal contributions from the students who talked with great passion about some of their ideas. There were some good combination of mythological and historical examples from India and some excellent examples from the Qur’an from Jordan.

It was quite interesting that the stories which the students listen since their childhood play a vital role in building up one’s belief. The exchange of dialogue not only unveiled the influence of characters and stories in one’s life but also made the students active listeners, which was evident during the reflection time.

Nehru world school is looking forward to organising more such Video conferences for the students.

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