Picnic at Camp Tikkling Classes 6i, 7i & 6 to 9

NWS organized a day adventure at Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon for students of Grades 6i, 7i & 6 to 9 on 26thh March, 2017. Camp Tikkling is an adventure, nature and village camp right in the middle of Aravalies just 35km away from Delhi. It is surrounded by extensive wilderness of rocky Aravalies from three sides. The students were divided into two groups: Black Commandos and Avengers. After enjoying their breakfast, students delighted in activities like Commando Net, Laser Beam and Wall Climbing. Through these activities they learned various skills like balancing, changing leg positions in army activities, gripping and above all how to work in a team. The students also enjoyed activities like Flying Fox, Zorbing and Camel Cart. The Camp was all about learning and fun, an event where boredom took a backseat .Indeed this day will remain etched in their memories for a long time.

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