Notification on Student Safety @ NWS

Dear Parents

I am writing to you in the light of disturbing events which have taken place across the country in the last few days. I am concerned about these developments and am sure that you are as well. At NWS, we have been sensitive about the safety and security of our students on and off campus when they are in our care. A few measures that we have already taken to ensure student safety are:

  1. The senior leadership team including me is in school at 6:40 am followed by teachers at 7:00 am, much before the students enter the school. Once the students leave school, the entire building is secured by the site supervisor.

  2. 143 CCTV cameras are installed across the school, including the entrances of all toilets. These are regularly maintained to ensure they are functional.

  3. Movement of all adults inside the school is recorded and maintained in designated registers. The school perimeter is secured and the gates in use are manned at all times.

  4. Student toilets are clearly demarcated and separate toilets are used by non-teaching staff.

  5. All buses used by NWS are owned and operated by NWS and all drivers and conductors are employed directly by NWS after careful vetting of their credentials and references.

  6. Buses pick and drop the students inside the school premises, under the supervision of the school transport in-charge.

  7. Sessions on Safe and Unsafe touch are also conducted for students from time to time.

  8. Teachers are assigned duties on vantage points during the school start time, intervals and when the school shuts.

Apart from these, several other measures are in place to deal with situations such as bullying, corporal punishment, physical safety, natural calamities and medical emergencies. While we are taking the necessary precautions, we all need to be aware that safety is everybody’s concern — not just the school’s or the government’s. As a Parent, I request you to ensure that your children are empowered to deal with any situation. Invest time in teaching them how to keep themselves safe. Make efforts to build your own understanding of various issues faced by children today. 

I am sure that together we can make the environment around our child safer. I request you to please send me your feedback/ ideas where we as a school can improve ourselves. This can be emailed to us on

I once again thank you for your support and trust in NWS.

Arunabh Singh

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