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Keep your CD/DVDs working well with AutoRun Design Specialty. Simply, drag and drop graphics to the design canvas and there they are; resized, positioned and ready for any CD/DVD. The application even compresses images for you. The sample and empty project modes are easy to use. But if you create your own project from scratch, you will find the interface and tool bar a breeze. So, just start selecting the graphics, arranging them according to your needs and add them to the main control of your choice, such as the title, cover art, background and any other page. Finally, resize, position and drop them to place as you wish. Drag and drop features allows you to easily move items such as menus, buttons, windows, menus, tabs, scroll bars and other controls anywhere on the screen. Drag and drop is not limited to the design canvas; if it is required, just drag the item(s) to the picturebox to drop it. You can also use the design canvas for design purposes. You can move items within the canvas, resize them and even apply filters as well. However, once you start adding graphics, all the functions work automatically. So, you won't need to move each item to your picturebox. Easy controls are placed at the bottom of the tool bar. These controls allow you to play, pause, stop and even progress through the project. Important: The Autostart Designer Suite is provided for informational use only, and is not intended to be used as a basis for developing a supportable product. Your search for "autorun designer" ends here; we have been able to help you find many programs that might be good alternatives. But of course, we cannot offer you a universal program that will work on all systems. Therefore, if you have a Mac, you might want to try your luck with OS X run-time lite or Autostart Designer Suite (Bundled with Autostart Designer) - both are simple to use. If you are using a Windows OS, you might want to try all the programs in the detailed list. In case of Autostart Designer, this also includes the AutoPlay Designer program, which is bundled with the Autostart Designer Suite. If you are using Linux, then AutoRun Designer seems to be the only option, as no other autorun program is available. In either case, the programs in this list will work on a5204a7ec7

A well-featured program to make and design autorun applications. Interface Maker for Autorun Applications Create and design autorun applications with various objects, including Widescreen splash screens and agreement forms Install screens and clean up installs Removable media and installation hooks Multi-line text fields and notes Rich text fields, memos and comments Constant scrolling text, divs and lists Panels, dropdowns, buttons and links Images, buttons and cursors System icons and scrollbars Spray text, flashing text, Flash and video Windows, specific formats and codecs, as well as music and video players Every project can have between 1 and 50 pages and can contain up to 2000 objects. Object settings can be configured in regard to alignment, borders, cursor, hints, comments, graphic comments, mouse sounds, background color, quality, transparency, blur, noise, outlines and shadows. A toolbar and context menu allow you to easily configure all the settings and apply items and objects. Installation projects usually contain a startup screen, which is designed using a proprietary format. The customization options in AutoRun Design Specialty, the supported formats and the number of objects included allow you to create autorun applications that are tailor-made to your needs. InterFace Maker for Autorun Applications performs particularly well on low-end systems, for which it was developed. The program has been extensively tested and is completely stable and error-free during our tests. AutoRun Design Specialty Features: Large number of customization options for designing autorun applications Support for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista System requirements: windows 95, 98, me audio or video sound / video card mouse / trackpad dual core processor 512 MB RAM 7" - 1024 MB RAM AutoRun Design Specialty Category: Design and style Software Subcategory: design and style, autorun AutoRun Design Specialty has been reviewed by the team at Software Inite. Click here to see their ratings or reviews! AutoRun Design Specialty Ease-of-use Functionality Product Quality Customer Support Value for Money Ease


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