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Kerela Donations for Support

We all are aware and mourning at the disastrous flood in Kerala which has rendered thousands homeless and taken many lives. At this point, NWS, Ghaziabad joined hands with an NGO, Goonj to work for the relief of the sufferers. During such catastrophe, each one is trying to extend their efforts and send help in their own little ways.

On the occasion of Teachers’ day, the Management and Teachers of NWS, Ghaziabad donated their one day’s salary which amounted to rupees 2 lakh 50 thousand to help Kerela cope with the current situation. The students of NWS also donated generously towards the cause offering dry food items, stationary, old clothes, utensils, toiletries and other articles in large quantity.

Mr. Arunabh Singh, Director-NWS told that especially during such calamities the students must empathise and extend the help to make a big change. Through such gestures the youth will become more compassionate towards the community.

We hope that Kerela soon recovers from such a situation.

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