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Discovering, relating & expressing numbe

Nehru World School in collaboration with Cambridge University Press' Festival of Expressions invited students to see the mathematics and its relevance in the real world. Together, we encouraged and motivated students to find and express Math Around Me.

We firmly believe that Math represents the emanation of the human spirit. Through the ‘Festival of Expressions’ programme, we invited students to participate in this journey of discovering and rediscovering Math.

The final 31 winners with their prizes will be announced on March 5th, 2021 in the following Talking Diaries event.

04:30 PM IST

Friday, 5th March, 2021

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Students could submit their entries to present Math in the real world as it unfolds in their daily life. It could have been, Math as it EXISTS in nature, or as it is APPLIED.

Ranging from the obvious - when budgeting for a weekly shopping trip or measuring out quantities for a recipe, to the more discreet – how plants grow new cells or honeybees build their beehives, a symmetrical image or an architect at work, students can be as creative as they like.

Submissions could include how maths is used and found in the real world.

The idea was to showcase the artistic side of Math, analysing how there is beauty hidden within this seemingly dry subject or to talk about the strength it lends to other disciplines.

Math Around Me did not involve any invention or discovery, but a tinge of creativity and a pure streak of observation. All you needed was CURIOSITY and a keen eye to relate math learning with the world around.

Rules and Regulations were

  • Open for students aged between 13 to 15 Years.

  • The number of entries is not limited, multiple submissions from one school are acceptable.

  • Students can submit more than one entry.

  • Format of submission: Create a video, stop motion, animation, documentary, act as a

    character, sing a song or record a podcast (maximum duration 3 minutes).

  • Students will need to share their presentations on social media platforms as well.

Step by step process to participate was:

  • Prepare your entry on ‘how Math is used and found in the real world’.

  • Share on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

  • Make sure to use these hashtags: #MathAroundMe #FestivalOfExpressions #NWS #NehruWorldSchool #CambridgeUniversityPress

  • Make sure to tag the following pages/profiles with your entry-

  • Facebook: @NWSGhaziabad, @cambridgeindia; Instagram: @nwsgzb; Twitter: @nwsgzb, @cambridgeindia

  • Must keep your posts/accounts privacy as ‘public’ for easy access and evaluation by jury.

  • ​​The last date of submission is Monday 22nd February 2021.

  • Social media posts must be live at least until the evaluation process (i.e. 15th March 2021)

  • The most interesting entries which clearly demonstrate the use of Math and meet the

    evaluation criteria will win exciting prizes comprising laptop, tablets, smart speakers, headphones...

  • A participation certificate will be given to all students from Nehru World School and Cambridge University Press.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Conceptualisation

  • Application

  • Presentation

For any other queries and information, contact:
Mr. Sudhir Rana (Creative Head)
+91-9910166111 (WhatsApp), +91-7840876111,

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