Ma Pa Come Soon, Annual Production, Grade 4 and 6

The Annual Production of NWS, Ghaziabad, Primary Wing Grade IV and VI showcased the play ‘Ma, Pa, Come Soon…’ with great vigour on Saturday, August 31st, 2019. The programme commenced with the encouraging words of Ms. Susan Holmes, the Head Teacher who also honoured the well acclaimed chief guests Ms. Simi Srivastava and Ms. Jaya Nagar. Ms. Simi Srivastava, the founder of ‘Kathashala’, a story telling institute for adults is a passionate storyteller. The unique curriculum of the institute is based on performing arts including the folk and traditional forms of storytelling. Ms. Jaya Nagar, a well-known Heritage Activist works with various schools. The highlights of the event had been the welc

Time Capsule 2019

Preserving Present for the Future The entire fraternity of NWS, Ghaziabad gathered together on 13th August, 2019 for the ‘Time Capsule Burial Ceremony’ in the School Premises. The Ceremony took place in the presence of Mr. Arunabh Singh, Director NWS and Ms. Susan Holmes, Head Teacher NWS. When the School would unearth the articles after 14 years, it will get a hands-on look at what life was like on the campus and in the community in the year 2019. After 14 years, it will be worth the effort to pull up the NWS Time Capsule-2019, which was buried in the corridor of NWS front building. Time Capsules are a fantastic method of preserving a moment in time to be remembered and celebrated at some p

Creo 2019

CREO- Day1, 2019 @ NEHRU WORLD SCHOOL – GHAZIABAD NWS, Ghaziabad cherishes the youngsters and encourages them to explore their true potentials by awakening their passions and cultivating their talents. As a step forward in this direction, NWS organized its seventh Inter School Festival – ‘CREÒ - 2019’ for contributing to innovation and solidarity and to enhance the spirit of novelty, creativity and brotherhood. This year the 3 day event-‘CREÒ-2019’ started on 8th August 2019. The grandeur event started in the benign presence of Susan Holmes-Head Teacher NWS and the esteemed judges of various events, teacher in charges and participants from various schools. The festival has more than 3500 par

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