‘Essentials of Dialogue- Identity’- Videoconferencing

Nehru World School participated in a multipoint Video Conference on 28th Dec’17, exchanging their opinion on ‘Identity and Belonging’. 18 students from NWS participated in the Generation Global VC with the students from Yachad Modiin High School (Israel) ,Nehru World School (India) , Purkal Youth Development Society (India) and DAV Centenary Public School (India). Students from each School shared their opinions about Identity from many perspectives. Students discussed how their identity is being affected by their self-esteem, culture and physical appearance. They also shared and explained the challenges such as being shy or nervous. The questions were appropriately structured that led to a

Inter School Quiz based on Earthquake Tips by IITK-BMTPC

Nehru World School hosted an inter school quiz on ‘Earthquake Tips’ on 8th December’17. The quiz was conducted by National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering’ (NICEE, IIT Kanpur) with an aim to generate awareness and help build an earthquake resistant environment through seismic safety.A total of 9 Schools from Delhi and NCR participated in this quiz which was judicially adjudged by Mr. Suresh Ailawadi, a consultant at NICEE. The quiz was conducted in 3 rounds in which well-informed subjective questions were asked. The first round consisted of simple questions on earthquake, the second round had pictorial questions and the final round was ‘Lucky Number Round’ which was quite an inn

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