‘The Interrupting Chicken’ Nehru World School organized its 39th Annual Production on 28th October ’17 for classes I and II (CBSE), to commemorate and rejoice the learning of the students. The event commenced with a great fervor and enthusiasm showcasing the flair of students in their skill of music, art and theatre. The Annual Report read by the students, highlighted the achievements of the School and its pupils. This was followed by the play ‘Interrupting Chicken’. Listening bed time stories is one of the most pleasurable activities of the day. We always cherish the quality time spent with our parents. These stories teach us valuable and interesting lessons and leave a long lasting impress

The World’s a Stage

The World’s a Stage (International Dimension) Aim To learn about the different theatrical styles of India and rest of the world. Nautanki: India Aalaha India Tamasha – India Jaatra – India Yakshaganna - India Wayang - Indonesia Forum Theatre – Brazil Content Theatre club is one of the several performance and skill clubs run in the school. The students studied the folk art theatre forms prevalent in India like Nautanki (Up and Bihar), Aalaha (Bundelkhand), Tamasha (Maharashtra), Jaatra (West Bengal), Yakshaganna (Karnataka) and of the rest of the world like Zarzuela (Spain), Opera(Europe), Pantomime, Mime(Greece), Forum Theatre (Brazil) and Farce. (France). They studied about the Origin, Sty

Skype on the go!

Skype on the go! Sharing views, ideas and thoughts across different schools through the use of technology in classrooms give students opportunities to strengthen their thought process, develop communication skills and build confidence. With this thought in mind, students of Grade 3 participated in a video conferencing with N.K. Bargodia Public School, Rohini and exchanged their thoughts on different Religious and National festivals in the form of poems and question answers. It was an enriching experience for students of both the schools.

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