HIPHOP HORRAY ( City Forest) Field Trip

Field trips are recognised as the important moments in learning; a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting. Keeping this in mind, NWS had organised a trip for Grades 1 & 2 to City Forest on 24th December, 16. This trip provided the students with a unique opportunity to learn things that are not available within the four walls of a classroom. The field trip also helped the students to learn the fundamental skills associated with working as a collective unit towards a common goal. In any type of group work, students must agree about who will handle various components of a project and work in tandem using

Aryan Lohan & Devansh Gautam of NWS won CBSE Regional Science Exhibition

Regional Science Exhibition was conducted by CBSE in Uttam School for girls, Captain Suri Marg, Ghaziabad from 15Dec’16 to 17Dec’16. Aryan Lohan and Devansh Gautam in group OD-1 and Harshvardhan Singh and Prabuddha Kumar in group S.A.M were the proud participants from NWS. It was conducted for the students of classes IX to XI with the perspective that young minds think beyond studies and new ideas can change the world. This competition had 6 categories and from each category 3 students were selected. The competition had 2 rounds and 5 students from each category were shortlisted for next round. It was a marvellous opportunity for young learners.

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